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Summer Convocation Program!

This two week program is designed to challenge and nurture curious, imaginative, and creative thinkers. Three programs will be offered this year; Music! Words! Create! Perform!...Opera!, Young Scholar’s Adventure, and a Computer Club. Sessions run Monday-Friday, July 6-17.
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Scholaris Gifted Academy in Milwaukee is a school designed specifically for gifted learners in grades K5 through 8.

Scholaris Gifted Academy
“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” ~ Albert Einstein

Our balanced program prepares every child through a diverse curriculum, a supportive atmosphere, and individualized instruction where gifted children can develop a variety of talents and gain the necessary skills to succeed.

Through a research based curriculum developed by the Center for Gifted Education at the College of William & Mary, as well as other resources specifically designed for gifted learners, Scholaris Gifted Academy offers individualized instruction and provides supportive, experienced teachers who guide gifted students and their families.

Scholaris Gifted Academy supports the personal growth of each student by recognizing that gifted learners require an environment where they can work with like-level peers to develop social skills, leadership abilities, and self-acceptance.

Learning experiences are especially designed to focus on:

  • experimenting with various scientific methods including problem based learning, analytical thinking, questioning and discussing, and research
  • nurturing self-expression and creativity
  • developing well rounded students who are flexible in thought and action
  • fostering an environment where students are free to take educational risks and work as self-directed and independent learners

Classes are small in numbers so that each student matters — no one is anonymous. Older students help, guide, and interact with younger students through buddy and mentor programs.

Our Philosophy

Each child is an individual worthy of respect and deserving of every opportunity to succeed. Click to learn more.

Our Mission

Scholaris Gifted Academy offers a full-time, multi-aged program for gifted learners in a non-traditional classroom setting. Click to read our full mission statement.

Who are Gifted Learners?

For a list of common gifted characteristics and a video testimonial from our parents and students click here.




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